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The future of the metaverse is coming. How will it disrupt everyday life? Join us for a roundtable discussion with some thought leaders who are already aware and have ideas on how brands can prepare themselves!

We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. The metaverse promises to be the next step for us as it will allow an overlap between our virtual and physical lives, providing opportunities like wealth socialization through shopping or entertainment with others around you from all over!

In a world where the lines between physical and virtual have been blurred, brands are now able to advertise their products in an immersive environment. The use of cutting edge technologies like blockchain will help make this possible by providing transparency on transactions within metaverse communities while augmented reality (AR) allows for additional information or advertisements that come alive when viewed through compatible glasses; VR offers users total immersion so you feel as if your conscious has traveled into another dimension with realistic visuals never before seen anywhere other than computer monitors--all powered by AI which helps generate unique content at user request!


Blaine McGaffigan: Marketing Manager at Medium Giant

My favorite thoughts on the metaverse is Matthew Ball's "Metaverse Primer." It's about as long as a book so its pretty intense resource, but I think he captures all of the points of the ecosystem, (tech, network, monetary, etc.) extensively well: https://www.matthewball.vc/the-metaverse-primer

Alejandro Arango: DAO Contributor

My guiding light in terms of the Metaverse has always been Punk6539's threads on the subject: https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1443921334837338114?t=wC9xQtMSYqDVH1imvK6flg&s=19

Authored Article: https://mirror.xyz/kairon.eth/1C6Bixs7ebbMJ21o7_j8PWcMRftKWTjzEHOKsBqf-pg


Dale Alexander (Creative Lead at Zelus)

Dale Alexander

Creative Lead at Zelus

Alejandro Arango (DAO Contributor)

Alejandro Arango

DAO Contributor

Jeff Kauffman Jr. (Founder of Parachute)

Jeff Kauffman Jr.

Founder of Parachute

Chris Martin (President at DFWIMA)

Chris Martin

President at DFWIMA

Blaine McGaffigan (Marketing Manager at Medium Giant)

Blaine McGaffigan

Marketing Manager at Medium Giant

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